[ale] FW: ATAPI woes (Slackware 3.0)

Jim rebus at mindspring.com
Sun Oct 20 19:55:48 EDT 1996

Corbie wrote:
  And since my
> controller only supports two IDE devices, the CDROM (Creative Labs X4) is
> linked into the IDE/ATAPI interface of a Genius PnP soundcard.
.  At worst, the boot-up goes into
> an infinite loop of trying to find the CDROM and timing our, or I get
> kernel panics.

I have an old MadPro 16 sound card that has an interface for the ATAPI
CD-ROM on it. I drove myself crazy trying to get LINUX to recognize it.
Finally when I was running make xconfig, I saw the option for "soft
configurable interface" on the sound card. I selected it and looked all
over for the option to use ATAPI. All I saw were the proprietary
CD-ROM's. So I looked at the help in make xconfig for that option. It
explained there is no support for hooking an ATAPI CD-ROM to a soft
configurable inerface! Now I have that option checked, but LINUX just
goes to the interface at boot time and can't recognize the CD-ROM.
Chances are you just won't get yours to work either. Unless, of course,
someone knows about plans to support this config in the future. I am now
running kernel 2.0.22 and it still doesn't work for me.

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