[ale] ip masq. problems

Joe Novosel gt2497b at prism.gatech.edu
Mon Oct 21 12:45:01 EDT 1996

I am having wierd problems with ip masquerading and mindspring.
This is not a recent development, it started happening a couple of months ago.

I can ftp, telnet, www, popmail, news etc...  from any machine inside my
'firewall' to anywhere outside with no problem with the exception of
mindspring machines.

I can't access their www site, news server or pop server from any machine
except the one with the direct PPP connection. 

I haven't changed anything on my side.

I thought I would post here since first since it is difficult for me to 
access mindspring's news server.

I personally could care less, I use gatech for all of my news and
mail,  but my brother needs these services on his win95 machine.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Joe Novosel
jnovosel at cc.gatech.edu

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