update to mimetype and mailcap

MYERS gmyers at ufpsprod.attmail.com
Tue Jan 23 13:31:08 EST 1996

Sorry for 'one man thread' but I keep playing with this thing.  I've finally
found a solution that works, although I don't quite understand why.  I changed
my mailcap entries to:

image/gif; xv %s
image/jpg; xv %s
image/jpe; xv %s
image/jpeg; xv %s

This works.  What I don't understand is the jpeg file I'm loading is *.jpg,
yet it didn't work with just the 'image/jpg' entry.  Either the browser or
xv is doing some kind of translation.  Anyway, I still would like to know if
anyone knows why the mailcap/mime.type combination does not work.  I am going
to try the above approach at home on Linux, hoping it will resolve my problem

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