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Michael Ivey ivey at gstv.gsu.edu
Tue Jan 23 13:41:38 EST 1996

Is there an acrobat reader for Linux?  I have looked, but haven't found 

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On Tue, 23 Jan 1996, MYERS wrote:

> I have been having a problem with mimetypes and mailcap with Netscape.
> For example, I have the following entries:
> mailcap:
> image/*; xv %s
> mime.type:
> image/gif                      gif             
> image/ief                      ief             
> mage/jpeg                     jpeg jpg jpe
> image/tiff                     tiff tif        
> Now I know that my preference file is being read and that some of the
> mimetype/mailcap translations work because I have the Adobe Acrobat firing
> up for pdf files.  Anytime I choose on an image file, it goes to the browser.
> Any clues, suggestions?
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