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MYERS gmyers at
Mon Jan 22 09:24:30 EST 1996

} >    850 Mb IDE Hdd (Currently with Win95)

Actually only 550 Mb is Win95...

} If Slackware can be installed every 6 minutes, maybe we can show Linux
} replacing Win95 about 40 times during the expo.  (Don't worry about
} re-installing Win95 in between -- there wasn't much there to begin with.)

No, no, no.  Unfortunately I can not blow away the Micro$oft Windoze 95.
I got it from work and must have it to provide support to my district.
I know there's not much there, but I have to have it for a while anyway.

I do have approx. 300 Mb free that is unformatted and unpartitioned that
I said we might use to do some installs...

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