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Mon Jan 22 09:18:47 EST 1996

} >    850 Mb IDE Hdd (Currently with Win95)
} This could work out good as we could show how to interface the two.  
} However, I woulnd't want to appear in public announcing that my machine 
} had win95 on it :)

Hey, I got the bloody thing from work for free.  I didn't pay for it and
I tell everyone that it's really just a virus I can't get rid of. :)

The only reason I have it is because I've been charged with providing support
for telecommuting for my district and unfortunately, that is their chosen
platform.  Funny thing is people at work ask me what I telecommute from,
Windoze 95 or Windoze 3.1* and my answer is LINUX.....  It blows their mind
when I tell them I actually am on the company network and have rlogins running
to any/all of our machines at work.  I've actually converted two persons
already.  Currently working on getting Linux on my PC at work, once I get it.
I'm on a Sun workstation now. :(  Can you believe it, moving from the Sun X
to Windows 95?  Micro$oft really has set us back a few years....

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