Memory Upgrade

Vernard C. Martin vernard at
Mon Jan 22 09:41:25 EST 1996

> > After the thingy with buying the ISA video card blew up in my face, i
> > realize that my memory problems are really annoying. So I've decided to get
> > new memory and that will "hopefully" solve some of my problems. 
> > 
> > I have 16 1 MB 30 pin Simms. I want to somehow get them converted to either
> The my advice is for you to remove 4 (1 bank) of your 1mb SIMMS and install 4
> 4Mb SIMMS in their place.  This will give you 28Mb of RAM.  Enough for 
> even Win95 let alone McFrugal_inux.

My message wasn't clear. I meant that I have enough RAM but its all in 1 MB
simms (30pin). i want to upgrade my motherboard so that I can get me a fast
video PCI video card (and I already have a very fast PCI scsi card that I am
dying to use) but I would be forced down to 8 megs of RAM at best. I need to
convert somm of the 30pin 1MB simms into 72 pin memory. I was looking for
the best wayto do that.

Vernard Martin
(vernard.martin at
College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA 30332

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