Kernel Config options

Todd B SanMillan bain at
Wed Jan 18 20:15:26 EST 1995

	I am in the process of learning how to re-compile the kernel and 
had a few questions about the options offered when I run 'make config.'
	(oh, yeah, this is kernel 1.1.59)
	1. What is System V IPC? Is this similar to iBCS?
	2. What does supprot for ELF Binaries gain me?
	3. Do I need TCP/IP networking to run term? How about a PPP line?
	   (I looked all through the Networing Guide and while it was 
	    extremely helpful on configuring all the other network 
	    options, I didn't see anything about TCP/IP)
	4. What is Kernel profiling? Is it related to the kernel hacking 
	   options (to be avoided by the un-initiated :-)) Or does it just
	   provide info in case things go wacky?
Thanks for any insights y'all can provide!

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