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Wed Jan 18 19:27:42 EST 1995

Patch83 just came out.  I put it on mordred in pub/submissions/linux.  I will
continue to put new patches there.  Below is the email from Linus about the
latest patch:

Oh, well..  1.1.82 had various small nagging problems (like not even
compiling with all setups ;-), and didn't address the networking
problems some have had, so here's to 1.1.83, just uploaded to both and (use if you can: it's
up-to-date now, and has much more capacity). 

Patch83 contains:
 - some further porting patches for alpha/mips..
 - vm-area handling update by Bruno Haible: this one speeds up some of
   the mm operations tremendously under certain circumstances.
 - speeling patches
 - Aztech CD-ROM driver (non-ATAPI versions) by Werner Zimmermann
 - cdu31a update by Corey Minyard.  The flashing light is reportedly no
   longer a feature ;-)
 - fixes for all the interrupt handler calling problems I heard about
 - console driver fix for inverting areas (eg visual bell)

The big change is in the tcp file, though: the patch to that is about
15% of the whole patchset, but most of it is actually comments.  There
are various fixes in there as well, though, hopefully fixing all the
problems people have reported.  Worth checking out. 

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