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Wed Jan 18 22:38:18 EST 1995

On Fri, 6 Jan 1995, Jim Dai wrote:

> Ya! That was the messsage I got. I will try your approach. Thanks

if your drive is hooked into a "scsi" card [immitation scsi] then there 
is no hope. I am using the pro audio spectrum 16 card just fine as a 
sound card, but i cannot access my sony cd... the reason for this is that 
these type of cards immitate the scsi specification by polling the device 
on the timer interrupt instead of giving the scsi part of the card an 
interrupt of it's own. any scsi card with "no jumpers" does this. that's 
most of, if not all of the sound card + cd that are out there. i am 
buying a genuine adaptec scsi card and a genuine scsi cd player to use 
with linux. i will let you in on my method for getting linux installed. 
i installed it with no cd capabilities in linux, but my cd player works 
in ms-dog. it might help you out... 

1) back up dos partition to tape/fileserver. make sure it's good!
2) wipe out enough of the dos partition to copy installation directories 
   to your dos partition from the cd [in dos; you need to be able to boot 
3) md c:\slakware [or pick dos partition... i used C:]
4) copy the files from the slakware directory [not all the subdirectories 
   yet; just the files. ie ymtrans.tbl is one i think you need]
5) then copy the slackware install directories [A1, A2, A3, A4 minimum] 
   to the c:\slakware directory, making sure to copy them into A1, etc 
   under the slakware directory.
6) now you don't need anything fancy for a boot kernel floppy because 
   you're going to install from your dos partition [mine was /dev/hda1].
7) after you bring up your boot/root floppies and run setup, [been > a 
   month since i did this, so bear with me] and choose the option that's 
   called "install from HD partition" or "... dos partition" or something 
   like that... it'll mount your dos partition just fine with this 
   option. there's only like 5 options and you should know which one i'm 
   talking about when you see it.
8) i think it asks for the partition to install from. mine was the first 
   partition of my first HD; /dev/hda1    you'll need to fill in with 
   yours. it's probably the same, but not necessarily.
9) it'll ask for a source directory or something like that. it's:
   /slakware [or c:\slakware ... you'll know which it wants].
10)from there you can pick your disk sets to install. pick the ones you 
   copied over [making sure you didn't forget any of the directories when 
   you did the copying!]
11)after you have installed what you copied over you have to decide if 
   you have more stuff to install [because you didn't have enough room on 
   the dos partition].
12)if you want to install more of the linux system, down linux [shutdown 
   -h now], boot dos, cd c:\slakware. remove the directories of the disk 
   sets you installed [probably all of 'em] and their contents. go to 
   step 5. 
13)if you are done, enjoy your linux system! it's great!
14)then later on you can restore your backup [tape i hope] to get ms-dog 
   working on your machine again like it was.

I deleted my ms windows system and any software i could find for it to 
free up enough room on my system. got about 80-90 megs that way! [over 70 
of which is windoze]. i was also fortunate enough to have a python DAT on 
my novell fileserver here at home. if your machine's on a network, it's a 
great way to back up because you can just copy most of your dos partition 
to the net while you do your work. i backed up as well... [it's a 
computer thing... i got backup religion a while back; see: Laws, Murphy's]

anyway, i hope this helps you! it worked for me. drop me a line if I can 
be of further assistance.

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