InfoMagic slackware CDROM installation

Stephen R. Wylie swylie at
Thu Jan 19 13:41:06 EST 1995

On Fri, 6 Jan 1995, Eric Zundel Ayers wrote:

> I think the way they solved the cdu33a auto-detection in more recent
> kernels was to require that the parameters be specified on the command
> line.  BTW, didn't Mark Horton report that at least one of the slackware
> kernels was configured wrong?  I thought it was the SCSI + cdrom kernel...
> -Eric.
> "Gareth R. Williams" writes:
>  > installed w/ the summer Ygdrasil, the cdrom installation worked peachy w/ 
>  > the cdu33a. Also, I saw much buzz some months ago on the linux internet 
>  > forums on this particular combo. BTW I am using a PAS16 w/ a sony33a also.
>  > 	I saw in one of the newsgroups instructions on how to mount this 
>  > combo reliably, and also learned that on kernel versions prior to 1.1.52 
>  > this combo was misdetected as SCSI. The december infomagic has kernel 
>  > 1.1.59, so this should be corrected. Give the brute force quick&dirty 
>  > method a shot to get some sort of install, then tweak finely w/ the kernel.
>  > This of course is all IMHO. Mark....Thanx for the kernel tips, much 
>  > simpler than what I had been doing, I'll try this.
hmmm i will have to try getting my current sony cd & pas16 working with 
linux. i was installing from kernel 1.0.9 or possibly 1.1.19, which would 
be older than 1.1.59. i am currently running 1.1.73.

anyone out there with advice on getting the sony cd / pas16 combination 
working [not for install; just WORKING] please send it to the group. 
thanx in advance!

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