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I've only worked full-time as a contractor once, and the only real horror
story was that the project I was on had a VP as it's champion.  We could do
no wrong, and our budget was never cut......until the Apple Newton came
out, and said VP was suddenly enamored of the possibilities of that device,
and promptly stopped advocating for our project.  Result was the budget cut
by 2/3s, and all contractors let go.  Everyone else on the project was on
loan from other groups, so they returned to a job, but I was hired solely
for that project, so I got shown the door....

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> We all know the horror stories. Contract looks great but instantly goes
> sideways, pm is a jerk/idiot/crook/other, customer asked for X but demands
> X^n effort where n >>1 but pay rate says n ==1, new contractor offers $X
> then comes back in a few months with the "we need to cut costs on this
> project and everyone is getting a 20% pay cut if they want to keep their
> job" then you find out they totally underbid and always had plans to
> backfill your seat with 1/2 pay replacement.
> You know, work life. Describe your nightmares. Use names so we can all
> avoid the bottom feeders.
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