[ale] Robust Linux System for Remote Customer Service

Michael Potter pottmi at gmail.com
Sat Apr 17 23:06:58 EDT 2021

I have a particular problem that I am trying to solve for an
insurance agency.

The agency wants unmanned remote offices where clients can go into a remote
office and do things like do a zoom like session with a customer service
rep, pick a printout off of a printer, or "scan" some document that they
need to deliver.

The office would likely be in some shared space where a receptionist would
show the client to the computer.

This would be used by people that just aren't good using a smart phone or
would need to pick up actual paper.

I want to use Linux so we have more flexibility on remote management.

These do not need to be completely hardened as they will be in an office
that gets locked after normal business hours.

I am calling this "on topic" as I am going to use Linux.

Here are my questions:
1. Has anyone seen anything like this in Atlanta that I could go look at?

2. Any video conference sw that runs on Linux that would work on a VPN
without involving a third party like zoom?

3. Any recommendations on a robust printer?  I am thinking of having two
per computer so we can switch to the working one.

4. Any recommendations for scanners?  I am thinking a downfacing camera so
we don't have to deal with paper jams.  the person can just lay the item on
the table face up.
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