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> On Apr 6, 2021, at 10:32 PM, Steve Litt via Ale <ale at ale.org> wrote:
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>> ).  The two dissenting Supremes ( Thomas and Alito) are luddite
>> neanderthal Boomer idiots who don't understand the issue.
> Ahem! Idiocy and Boomerism don't correlate. Thomas and Alito are
> luddite neanderthal idiots who *happen to be* Boomers. 

More of this ridiculous “boomer” bullshit.

Note:  In command parlance, when you use the “ok boomer” or refer to $anyone_older_than_me as “boomer”, you make yourself to look like an idiot.  And if I had a nickel for every time I watched a “Gen Z” refer to a Millennial as “Boomer”, I’d be a rich man because it’s freaking happening all the time.

It’s more often targeted at Gen X’ers, actually, because “Boomers” right now are anywhere from 57-75 years old.  Gen X’ers run from 41 through about 56 years old and everything “newer” is Millenial or Generation Z.  

Having said that….

Thomas is definitely from the Baby Boomer generation, but is one of the most intelligent and well spoken legal voices and this is the reason he’s sitting on the court DESPITE the controversy around his nomination. 

Yale Law School
Missouri Assistant Attorney General
Practicing Attorney 
Legislative Assistant to the Senatee Commerce Committee
Assistant Secretary of Education for the Office of Civil Rights
Judge for the United States Court of Appeals

Justice Alito is also a well-storied legal personality with considerable background and reason for being on the court.  That anyone not in the legal field would peradventure to disparage either without credential is laughable.

Yale Law School
Editor of the Yale Law Journal
Clerked with the Third Circuit
Assistant US Attorney
Deputy Assistant Attorney General
US Attorney to the New Jersey District
Adjunct at Seton Hall School of Law

Neither of these “Boomers” is ignorant.  Now, of the two, Alito has a more prestigious career, but both have engaged in very important work. Given they tend to agree on decisions or have similar opinions, it is of note they would disagree on something.  

Perhaps this is an opportunity to learn rather than disparage.

<rant mode off>

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