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Chuck Payne terrorpup at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 12:05:22 EDT 2021

So this weekend, I was reviewing my Darkstat, and I noticed a few of my
devices had received over 20G of data, so when I look at the mac address, I
couldn't tell what the device it was, I even used a site for checking mac
addresses who makes the device. I could of thinks that I didn't know could

First Amazon devices don't show up correctly. All of my amazon devices for
some odd reason, change the first 3 parts of the mac address. Which was
throwing off my searches. I did a nmap of my network, and again their first
part had changed. I am wondering, why does Amazon do that, by the way, this
is their Fire TV devices. Roku doesn't do it.

Next, I didn't know this but it makes sense, if a device is behind a
firewall, the mac address of the nic is going out is the one that gets
reported on. Which throw me, because I was thinking, "Damn, why do I have
some devices with the same mac address"

Anyway, thought I share this, I was in a bit of panic because I was
thinking I was being hacked, but now that I know what going on, I can
monitor things better.

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