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Steve Litt slitt at troubleshooters.com
Mon Apr 5 04:12:14 EDT 2021

Chuck Payne via Ale said on Fri, 2 Apr 2021 12:32:31 -0400

>Does anyone remember back in the day when you want to use Gnome you
>had to install ICEWM?

IceWM is so good that I don't know why one would want to install
something on top of it. IceWM is still available, and it's still
ultra-low memory. And AFIAK, its start menu is still a pile of crap
that doesn't always add newly installed packages, and is a royal pain
to edit by hand.


Today we have dmenu and UMENU2, so a WM-provided start menu isn't all
that necessary. Just make the start menu run a choice of dmenu or


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