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After the eye opening Ars article (see earlier thread “Well, goodby pfSense”), I’m going to rebuild my router and load it up with OPNSense. But with the sorry state of the parts market, it’s going to be a while. But, if you can get your hands on a passively cooled Celeron setup, that’s what I’d recommend. Though, my current build is an actively cooled Celeron; just want passive to remove moving parts.

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So, I have a quick question. I have two firewalls in my house. A Sonicwall NAS3500 that is end of life and pfSense. 

I use the SonicWall because my old work gave it to me, I love it because it simple and I can set up vip with the IPs I have. pfSense is a pain to do vip, but it rocks because I have openvpn setup and I can get into my network from anywhere be it my phone or laptop. I use it as my primary dhcp server and something NAT'ing. 

I am looking a new firewall. I like to find a Sonicwall, not sure if there a place that sells them at a huge discount for students. I like something that is new. Or something like that, be Juniper or Fortinet. Are there such sites or places? 

I was told that Sophos has a free firewall that is good. You can install it on hardware or a virtual. So I am wondering if anyone used it and can give feedback?  Can you do VIP and NAT'ing easily or is this more of a home firewall? By that, meaning very limited what you can do. 

Thanks for any feedback/help you can give. Trying to upgrade my home network. 

Not related, but nice to have when you are working on your home network. Sweetwater Blue is a very nice wheat ale. I tend to support local beers. I can recommend "The Gate" in Roswell, their Copper Head a great amber beer. Blind pirate from Monday Night Brewing another local brewery ( Oh, Allen, they have one in Birmingham as well ) 
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