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+<><> (closest I could get infinity)

First running X session took nearly a month of gently tweaking mode lines to not blow up the fly back transformer in my  new 15" color monitor.

On April 2, 2021 12:32:31 PM EDT, Chuck Payne via Ale <ale at ale.org> wrote:
>Does anyone remember back in the day when you want to use Gnome you had
>install ICEWM?
>Staying up late to compile WindowMaker for 4 hours with the latest
>Or compiling Linux Kernel so you can use an audio card or graphic card?
>Or changing your shell from sh to bash.
>Kids today don't know the pain.
>I tried to explain to my 16 years today Linux so easy to use, but there
>a time you would sit and eat pizza and drink beer while praying to the
>compiler Gods that the new kernel you compiled does crap out, Or waking
>to find out you were missing on a library that cause you to want to
>at the sky for wasting a weekend trying to compile.
>I even fired up WindowMaker to show what we had back in the day thought
>was cool, that it was the Winowmager we used with Xorg and the pain we
>to do get X working.
>That when KDE came along was so cool but was so heavy to use. Gnome
>a real WindowManger because you had to install something IceWM to use.
>Hell, even the shells kids are using make life simple, have you played
>ZSH. So pretty and easy to use, ugh. They need to feel the pain of sh
>even worse tcsh.
>Many of us, wear white beards, know the pain.
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