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Fri Apr 2 12:32:31 EDT 2021

Does anyone remember back in the day when you want to use Gnome you had to
install ICEWM?

Staying up late to compile WindowMaker for 4 hours with the latest Xorg.

Or compiling Linux Kernel so you can use an audio card or graphic card?

Or changing your shell from sh to bash.

Kids today don't know the pain.

I tried to explain to my 16 years today Linux so easy to use, but there was
a time you would sit and eat pizza and drink beer while praying to the
compiler Gods that the new kernel you compiled does crap out, Or waking up
to find out you were missing on a library that cause you to want to scream
at the sky for wasting a weekend trying to compile.

I even fired up WindowMaker to show what we had back in the day thought it
was cool, that it was the Winowmager we used with Xorg and the pain we had
to do get X working.

That when KDE came along was so cool but was so heavy to use. Gnome wasn't
a real WindowManger because you had to install something IceWM to use.

Hell, even the shells kids are using make life simple, have you played with
ZSH. So pretty and easy to use, ugh. They need to feel the pain of sh and
even worse tcsh.

Many of us, wear white beards, know the pain.

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