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On Tue, Jun 16, 2020 at 07:03:28PM -0400, Jim Kinney via Ale wrote:
> Come on lighting strike!!!

...said mostly in jest, I know, but I had a near-direct strike that 
induced enough current into the phone line to fry everything plugged 
into the line.  And nearly everything plugged into the things plugged 
into the line.  And nearly everything else.

The DSL line filter literally exploded; ASICs decapped in the DSL modem, 
long-range multi-line cordless phone, VOIP ATA, and 48-port PoE switch 
installed not 6 hours prior; Wiring insulation and RJ12 connecters 
partially melted well downstream of the line filter; plus two LED work 
lights and a fat-snake GFCI protector.  And as I later learned, the 
telco's miles-away line card.

Oh, plus ringing ears, purple afterimages, and several pairs of shorts.  
It was one hell of a flash-bang.

(Actually it's easier to list what _wasn't_ fried by that strike: a 
 crusty old server, a PoE access point, a PoE security camera, a cell 
 phone charger, and one light..)

About 18 months later I figured out where it struck -- a tree about 15 
feet from the buried phone line, about 40 feet from the house.  I only 
figured it out because that freshly-deceased tree eventually fell across 
the power line, half ripping the meter and master panel off the pole.  

Now, I have all phone line-attached gear isolated from the rest of my 
equipment via fiber converters.

 - Solomon
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