[ale] OT New Apple Hardware with T2 chips

Leam Hall leamhall at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 16:32:03 EST 2018

On 11/5/18 4:25 PM, jonnyX via Ale wrote:

> My worry is that long-term we're going to see Linux, FreeBSD, etc., pushed off consumer hardware and essentially taken over by the dotcoms, and any f/oss applications that compete with their commercial offerings bought out & then marginalized/defunded/ended; MySQL under Oracle, anyone? Linksys+DD-WRT under Cisco?
> What's the strategy to counter this if MS and Apple keep slowly pushing hardware vendors to prevent free operating systems from booting? Keep in mind that desktop computers (and motherboards) are a shrinking slice of the consumer marketplace, which has been trending towards smartphones, tablets, and netbooks for years.

The "server" market is moving to containers, so there should be hardware 
available for non desktop OS's. Might have to buy it third hand. I still 
have an IBM T30 running Fedora 13 every now and again. If I was hard 
core OS I'd go back to NetBSD.

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