[ale] applixware?

Todd B SanMillan bain at crl.com
Fri Oct 11 10:58:57 EDT 1996

On Wed, 9 Oct 1996, Joe Novosel wrote:

> Has anyone used (or seen) applixware?
> I just found out that they have a student version for ~$79
> If it is decent, that's a very good price.

I have neither seen or used it, but Nicholas Peterly from InfoWorld 
Magazine claims that it is a MS Office killer.  He says that it is a 
must for anyone using Linux on the desktop.  He did say that it has 
some bizzare feature holes, like there is no word count tool in the WP, 
but he wrote a macro to do it in about 3 minutes.  He especially liked 
the ability to link your data together in so many ways (hyperlink, 
embedded live data, etc.) and the ability to create applications from 
the tools that are included.  So, that's your third-hand recommendation.

Todd SanMillan

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