[ale] Re: your mail

Robbie Honerkamp robbie at tomservo.mindspring.com
Thu Oct 10 17:07:26 EDT 1996

> I had a couple of people suggest the Bitsurfr Pro from
> Motorola for an ISDN card.  Has anyone set one of these up?
> Do you just configure at as a com port or does it come 
> with a device driver?  It seems to me that routed isn't 
> hard to set up and the cheapest stand-alone router I've 
> heard of is about $400.  I can get the Bitsurfr ISA card
> for about $270 including shipping so I thought I'd save us
> a few bucks.  Is it worth it?

Your system sees the BitSURFR as a modem. It sends standard 
AT commands to it. 

What stand alone IP router have you found for $400?


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