gcc elf/a.out compilation blues

Omar Loggiodice ologgio at vrainn.com
Sat Jan 20 21:16:17 EST 1996

Vernard C. Martin Writes :
:Ok folks. I have been helping a friend, Jeff Waldrop, try to install the
:Ga Tech Cthreads package on his Slackware ELF distribution linux machine.
:We installed both the ELF and the a.out packagess. I downloaded an a.out 
:compiled version of the Cthreads libraries (that I know works because it
:works on my a.out old slackware distribution) and tried to do 
:gcc mycode.c -L/usr/local/lib -lcthreads
:ANd it complained loudly. Its says that it can't find the symbols that are
:the Cthreads calls that should be in the Cthreads library.
:I suspect that the problem is in getting the system to recognize the different
:types of libraries (both a.out and ELF) at the same time. 
:I tried recompiling the Cthreads librariess on his machine and got maajor
:problems. But this is not surprising since we didn't develop the Cthreads
:port on an ELF distribution. 
:We are completely stumped. Jeff really wants to use linux to do some work at
:home but if we can't do just this then the usefulness of linux for him is
:greatly diminished.
:Any ideas?
:V and Jeff

Hi V,

   There are two ways you can solve this:
   1.- Recompile CThreads and make an ELF version (much more work than #2)
   2.- Tell gcc to make a.out binaries, to do this just do:
	gcc -b i486-linuxaout mycode.c -L/usr/local/lib -lcthreads
	(you need to make sure that you have all a.out compatibility libs

The 'i486-linuxaout' part should work if Slackware is following H.J. Lu's
recommendations and/or are using H.J's gcc binaries. If you have a
/usr/i486-linuxaout direrctory it should be ok.

:Vernard Martin
:(vernard.martin at cc.gatech.edu) http://www.cc.gatech.edu/people/home/vernard/
:College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA 30332

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