Term question

Todd B SanMillan bain at crl.com
Thu Jan 19 22:59:14 EST 1995

	Here I am again. :) I seem to be asking a lot of questions, if I 
am getting on anyone nerves, let me know. And thank you for all the help 
you have given me so far. On to the question. I grabbed the src's for 
term-2.2.4 and configured them on my dial-up(running(I think)SonOS4.1) 
The make seemed to go fine, no errors, but when I run term -r it says 
	none of the following found
and so on for about 8 more dirs. What is .term? I didn't see it in the 
docs anywhere. Is it the same as .termrc(I don't think so, I copied the 
sample TERMRC to both .term and .termrc and it gave the same error) Any 

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