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Daniel Newcombe NEWCOMBE at AA.csc.peachnet.edu
Tue Jan 17 08:33:35 EST 1995

> In an earlier release of slackware, I used the ConfigXF86 script with
> great (==easy) success.  I recently installed 2.1 from the infomagic 3CD
> set and found that /usr/X11/lib/ConfigXF86 just will not work.  Finally
> I saw xf86config-XFree86-3.1 in the same directory and tried it.  As
> Todd says below, it works well.

I installed Slackware after I got home last thurs. night using the 
Infomagic CD.  I ran ConfigXF86, which *RAN* correctly, but at the end
told you to edit the Xconfig file.

The ConfigXF86 script never asks for the frequency ranges of your 
monitor, and there is a comment in the file like # EDIT THIS.  Since
the ConfigXF86 script told me to edit the file, no problem  After 
reading the man page (which told me how to put the frequencies in), I 
edited the file to the correct value, ran startx and volia!

I then took some odd modes I had created from X 2.? and put them in the 
Xconfig and they worked like magic.

The only problem I have is my 800x600 mode.  It only uses about 2/3 of 
the screen.  I read in one of the docs that you should adjust the last
value of the vertical #'s and the previous two by half of that to fixed 
squished images, but it never changed...even changing the values by 
100!  Anyone?


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