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I was going to suggest a linux-based pxe boot that auto runs dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/sd[[:alpha:]] to ensure the drives are encrypted. Windows admins don't let me get near their systems any more. 

Fuzzy memory. There's a tool I used many years ago for pulling data like this from windows systems in a large corp environment using a shared AD password. Network tool on Linux that connected to a port.... auth happens.... request variable values... something. I used it to pull names and versions of all install software but it could pull anything known by the windows box. Dang. Can't remember the tool name. I'll look.

On April 30, 2021 7:11:37 AM EDT, Raj Wurttemberg via Ale <ale at ale.org> wrote:
>I would probably use Ansible to report on hundreds of systems, it is
>platform and agentless.
>For Windows, you just need to run the command (Administrator level
>"manage-bde -status".  It comes back with a nice report like this:
>Volume C: [OS]
>[OS Volume]
>    Size:                 243.58 GB
>    BitLocker Version:    None
>    Conversion Status:    Fully Decrypted
>    Percentage Encrypted: 0.0%
>    Encryption Method:    None
>    Protection Status:    Protection Off
>    Lock Status:          Unlocked
>    Identification Field: None
>    Key Protectors:       None Found
>Or with PowerShell...  (output can be JSON if needed with "
>Get-BitLockerVolume | convertto-json")
>PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-BitLockerVolume
>   ComputerName: XXXXXXX
>VolumeType      Mount CapacityGB VolumeStatus           Encryption
>KeyProtector              AutoUnlock Protection
>                Point                                   Percentage
>Enabled    Status
>----------      ----- ---------- ------------           ----------
>------------              ---------- ----------
>Data            E:      2,048.00 FullyDecrypted         0          {}
>Data            F:      2,560.00 FullyDecrypted         0          {}
>Data            G:        979.37 FullyDecrypted         0          {}
>OperatingSystem C:        243.58 FullyDecrypted         0          {}
>Data            D:        232.80 FullyDecrypted         0          {}
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>> run a report against thousands of workstations to ensure they all use
>> encrypted storage. Call it a HIPPA requirement and reporting is just
>> important as actually having the encryption deployed.
>> Assume Windows and Linux workstations - but linux-only is fine too.
>> F/LOSS preferred for the solution.
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