[ale] Strange Linux networking issue

Raj Wurttemberg rajaw at c64.us
Tue Apr 20 17:27:50 EDT 2021

Quick, simple and cheap analysis idea.  Put a cheap gig-switch in-between
(b) and (c).  

I'm sure we all have  a few 5 or 8 port switches laying around. Haha!


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> HI.
> I'm having a strange networking issue between two AWOW devices running
> Linux that stopped talking to each other.  The devices are configured as
> below:
> --(a)[Box 1](b) ----- (c)[Box 2](d)--
> Where:
> (a) is
> (b) is
> (c) is
> (d) is
> The (b)/(c) link is a direct link between the devices, not a crossover
> cable, and no switch.
> The two devices were talking fine for a while and then all of a sudden
> they stopped.  Now that won't talk at all.  When truing to ping .7.100
> from Box 1, it sends out ARPs but there is no ARP response from Box 2.
> Similarly, on Box 2 trying to ping .5.1 results in no ARP responses.
> Both devices show the (b)/(c) link as up.  Running ethtool shows the link
> is detected.  However arp -an shows an incomplete response (no surprise).
> The dmesg output doesn't show anything.
> I am at a loss. I don't understand how or why the two devices would stop
> talking, and why neither will pick it up again.
> Any suggestions for where to look or how else to debug this?
> Thanks,
> -derek
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