[ale] EPROM programmer?

Steve Tynor stevejunk at iintiip.com
Tue Mar 24 19:45:20 EDT 2020

I delurk to ask a non-Linux, but hardware hacker oriented question...

I'm restoring a vintage synthesizer (a DK Synergy) which I had put into 
what I thought would be temporary hibernation, but turned into 20 years 
of storage.

It mostly works, but testing suggests that at least one of the EPROMs 
has degraded and needs to be replaced.  As long as I'm at it I'd like to 
replace all four (I'm told that I can use either 2765 UV erasable or 
2864 electrically erasable EPROM's)

I have binary images (BIN files) for each of the EPROMs, but no way to 
program them.

Can anyone on the list help?   My only other thought is to seek out the 
various local "makerspaces".


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