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Clearly I should have read this whole thread before responding.

maddog via Ale <ale at ale.org> writes:

> You also need sales people....maybe not THE MOST of technical of people, but
> someone who looks for jobs, gets quotes from the technical people, then reels
> the customers in. They are the relationship managers.
> I have a friend in the early days of Linux (just after LinuxCare) that started
> just such a consultancy. Had a real "Virtual Office" (board room,
> receptionist, mailing address...you can rent them...you can rent almost
> anything).
> It was doing fine until they ran out of pent-up demand and did not have good
> sales people to find more customers.
> Do straight commission or small wage plus commission for the sales people. A
> good salesperson should make about 300k a year in commissions. And yes, they
> will be worth it.
> md
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