[ale] Microtik vs Ubiquiti vs DIY router...go

Phil Turmel philip at turmel.org
Fri May 3 09:47:19 EDT 2019

[Phil hangs head in shame]

I haven't done anything with those units.  I'd be happy to part with 
them (gratis) if someone wants to drive down to my office in Fairburn 
next week.

On 5/2/19 1:41 PM, DJ-Pfulio via Ale wrote:
> Buy directly from PCEngines.ch and save the 25% markup.
> The nice thing about Netgate is they have packaged deals that include
> everything. Is that worth the extra cost?  Only you can decide.
> I've purchased from netgate and been happy.
> I've also been part of a group purchase (Hey Phil!), about 4 yrs ago
> directly to PCEngines. Shipping of both was similar time.
> I'd look at this: https://pcengines.ch/apu4c4.htm today.
> I have an APU2c4. Very happy. Runs pfSense, but can run any OS that
> doesn't require a GPU.

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