[ale] DIY NAS vs Boxed NAS?

Alex Carver agcarver+ale at acarver.net
Fri Nov 30 18:50:44 EST 2018

That was one of my considerations as well.  Boxed units have compact
cases (with the drawer slides for the drives) which seems to be hard to
replicate with conventional cases that tend to cover multiple use cases
(general purpose desktop, gaming machine, etc.) so a conventional case
tends to have unused space.

On 2018-11-30 13:15, James Baker via Ale wrote:
> I've considered building one recently as well.
> The problem that I ran into was the case...
> I'd like a nice small one (like the pre-mades have).
> Trouble is that I couldn't find a small one that I liked (or hardly at all).
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> Subject: [ale] DIY NAS vs Boxed NAS?
> I'm making a plan for some major network and hardware updates over the
> next year at home.  One of the things on the list has been a large-ish
> NAS box for storing backup images of the various computers, recording
> video from IP security cameras, and possibly just having a small shared
> area for files that need to be shared among multiple computers and users.
> Given the proliferation of various boxed NAS devices like Synology,
> QNAP, etc. I wanted to find out what other people would consider doing,
> whether they'd just get a boxed device or put together one from a
> motherboard, some SATA cards and a case.

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