[ale] DIY NAS vs Boxed NAS?

James Baker jimbakerforlinux at comcast.net
Fri Nov 30 16:15:21 EST 2018

I've considered building one recently as well.
The problem that I ran into was the case...
I'd like a nice small one (like the pre-mades have).
Trouble is that I couldn't find a small one that I liked (or hardly at all).

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I'm making a plan for some major network and hardware updates over the
next year at home.  One of the things on the list has been a large-ish
NAS box for storing backup images of the various computers, recording
video from IP security cameras, and possibly just having a small shared
area for files that need to be shared among multiple computers and users.

Given the proliferation of various boxed NAS devices like Synology,
QNAP, etc. I wanted to find out what other people would consider doing,
whether they'd just get a boxed device or put together one from a
motherboard, some SATA cards and a case.

One other thing: what file system would you put on top of the array?
EXT4, Brtfs, something else?
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