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Boris Borisov bugyatl at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 15:05:22 EST 2018

I have several boxes and motherboards.

Single core Celeron I guess P4 core 1.4 Ghz. Dual-core Celeron. Duocore
E8400. Two AMD A6 motherboards.

On Mon, Nov 26, 2018, 2:59 PM Jerald Sheets via Ale <ale at ale.org wrote:

> Hey everyone.
> I’ve got a little utility server floating around the basement that bit the
> dust today.  It’s nothing special… bought an E-Machine at Walmart $%#^&
> years ago, and have literally only used it to futz around with prototyping
> I never want to touch our work network.
> As such, I thought I’d reach out.  If anyone has a small desk side or
> utilitarian box your wife is griping at you to get rid of, or it’s almost
> in the trash heap, and you’d rather see it live on, I’d like some help.
> The old machine’s specs:
> eMachines Desktop PC
> ET1331G-07W(PT.NBA002.004)
> Athlon II X2 250u (1.60 GHz)
> 4GB DDR2
> 640G Drive
> Onboard GeForce 6150SE
> As you can see, its dog, I don’t need anything special, and likely your
> junk heap is fine for this application.
> Any assistance ridiculously appreciated.  I’ll even take you for a beer
> for the trouble of having to deal with me long enough to hand it over.    :)
> Thanks in advance!!!
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