[ale] Red Hat 4.0 on CD?

Todd Graham Lewis tlewis at mindspring.com
Thu Oct 31 22:17:00 EST 1996

On Tue, 29 Oct 1996, Joe Bayes wrote:

> Can I borrow somebody's CD of redhat 4.0 over the weekend? I need to
> install it on my new drive, I'm too poor (cheap) to shell out the $50
> that redhat charges, and I refuse to spend all weekend fwapping
> sloppies. :) 

You could always do an FTP install.  I've installed both Debian and 
Redhat over 14.4.  It's really easy.  Just start it on Friday, and by 
Sunday, you're done.  Or, borrow an ethernet connection at Tech.  
Installs over T3 are very fast, and I've done those before, too.

Stealing the commercial X server is very uncool, btw.  I'm more than 
happy to loan you my Debian CD if you like.

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