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James W. Lynch jwl at atlanta.cray.com
Wed Oct 30 07:40:03 EST 1996

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> } Is there any shell command in bash that will allow me to grab keystrokes other
> } than read.  I would like to do a read command but give a time limit of 
> } 60 seconds.  Ne1 know how.  Or does ne1 have a C program that will take
> } the time length on the command line and return the input on STDOUT?
> This _should_ do it... however, getchar() seems to block until it gets a
> newline, both under SunOS and linux (why? anyone?).
'cause stdin is buffered.  It's more efficient that way.
> -JwL
Oh no, another one!!!! 8^) <jwl at cray.com>

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