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Fri Oct 25 16:11:14 EDT 1996

}Folks -
} Sorry for cluttering ALE with this question, but I figure it's probably
}the quickest way to get an answer.  How do I change the timezone on my
}machine?  I always used to use Slackware's setup program, but it doesn't
}seem to want to work anymore.
} My machine has been back on the east coast for a month now, but is
}still stuck in Pacific Daylight Time.  Please help!
}- Alex

'man date' says:

DATE(1)							  DATE(1)
       Date without arguments writes the date and time to the
       standard output in the form
		      Wed Mar  8 14:54:40 EST 1989
       with EST replaced by the local time zone's abbreviation
       (or by the abbreviation for the time zone specified in the
       TZ environment variable if set).

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