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gamyers at atlml1.atlprom.att.com gamyers at atlml1.atlprom.att.com
Tue Oct 8 11:12:37 EDT 1996

Caught an interesting article in the AJC this past sunday.  Apparently one
of there tech heads (take this label lightly) had netcom connectivity and
ran into all kinds of problems.   Busy signals, abrupt termination, poor
support and so on.  His opinion was that netcom sits right on the edge of
being able to support all of there clients in the name of bucks.  Just FYI
for you.  Of course this comes from the same newspaper that suggested that
if you have problems with a device on a com port, just try another... Kinda
like pulling the spark plug wires off your car and then trying to randomly
find the right combination.... :)

Regarding the possibility of connectivity via Linux.  I've been through three
ISP's that didn't have any substantial Linux support but was able to ask
enough questions to figure out how to get it working.  It's run the whole
gammut too, chap, pap and no authentication.  Point is, I would guess with
a little research, you can get it working if you want to go that route.
You've just got to ask the right questions and (hopefully) someone on the
other end will be able to figure out the answers.

Geoffrey Myers - gamyers at abraxis.com

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I want in on this $5.00 for the first month deal from netcom. But they only
have winbloze software for accessing their dialup network.  Is there a way I
can get to the network using Linux?


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