[ale] Adaptech 1542

James W. Lynch jwl at atlanta.cray.com
Mon Oct 7 08:11:34 EDT 1996

What Todd is suggesting might fix it.  I had a different experience
when I installed my 1542C on the PCI board.  I had to turn off the
secondary IDE controller port or Linux couldn't find my SCSI board.

I never investigated as to why, but I suspect a port conflict.  I 
added the DMA port and I/O port to the section of the CMOS configuration
setup screens that you use to tell the system what non-PNP hardware was
installed, but that didn't fix the problem until I disabled the secondary
IDE port.

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> On Sun, 6 Oct 1996, Bing wrote:
> > I have a Linux system with a scsi disk that was working fine until i changed
> > the motherboard.  I now have a pentium PCI motherboard.  I am using the
> > Adaptech 1542 scsi controller, the card is an isa card.  Now LILO loads
> > the kernel off of the scsi drive just fine.  the problem is when the kernel
> > starts to run: it seems to go into an infinite loop retrying a command to the
> > scsi controller that keeps on timing out.  I have the PCI BIOS option in the
> > kernel enabled.  I am using the 2.0.0 kernel.
> You're on the right track mentioning PCI support in the kernel.  Though
> you might have PCI BIOS support turned on, I suspect that this is where
> your problems lie. 
> Start recompiling and fiddling with all of the PCI options.  Also, check 
> your IDE chipset and make sure you aren't being nabbed by one of the buggy 
> chipset problems, the fixes for which have plagued 2.0.  If you are 
> affected, then you should upgrade.  If you aren't affected, you should 
> upgrade anyway.  If you're upgrading to 2.0.0, then you might as well do 
> it right and go for the latest 2.0, which, last I checked, was 2.0.21.
> Good luck.
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