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Matthew Avery matthew at nas.nasa.gov
Wed Oct 2 16:33:00 EDT 1996

Dan wrote:

}The kernel docs say you need to upgrade to the new version of the
}> OK, why doesn't the 'top' command work with the 2.0.X
}> kernel?  Do I need a new version of 'top' or something?
}> I get a 'Floating exception' error when it bombs out.
}> Thanks,
}> -Matt Avery-
}Dan Newcombe (newcombe at aa.csc.peachnet.edu)
}- I may never be politicly correct, and I don't care about my lack of
}  ettiquite.
}                        (Meatloaf, Everything Louder than Everything Else)

And let that be a lesson to the rest of ya!
(Thanks Dan)


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