ftp scriptable

Derek S. Ray lorimer at netcom.com
Tue Jan 23 10:52:18 EST 1996

aesop mumbled incoherently:
> On Mon, 22 Jan 1996, 
> dZothMuellarg wrote:
> > I need to have a scriptable ftp.
> > 
> > I need to do things like ftp to a site, get a listing, and based on
> > that listing cd or retrieve or delete.
> > 
> > I need to automate this.
> > 
> > Is there a ftp-script out there?  Can perl do this?

There are a couple scripts.  Perl can do this, because I've seen it done.
I believe ncftp can also do this, though... read its documentation
regarding "colon mode" for more info.  ncftp came with at least the
Slackware distribution, and the latest version is on ftp.cc.gatech.edu.
(it's 2.2.2)

I don't recommend necessarily Perling it if ncftp can handle what you need
though.  :)  The perl scripts I saw were complicated and strangely laid

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