Memory Upgrade

Daniel Newcombe NEWCOMBE at
Sun Jan 21 23:33:06 EST 1996

>     Another thing you might want to look into is those simm holders that 
>   allow you to "piggy-back" lower capacity simms onto one simm.  I've
>   never tried it before.  Has anyone here tried it?

Yup...I have one in my case.  It works just fine.  I've seen various 
ones.  Mine has some dipswitches to tell it what speed and memory 
configureation.  It also has some IC chips.  I've seen some without 
IC chips, which work fine for a friend.  I've also seen some that 
were about $70+.  I guess they are gold plated or something.  Mine was

BTW, mine is in a tower, and it works fine.  But that is a good point.


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