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David Chow dchow at
Sun Jan 21 17:27:58 EST 1996

Vernard C. Martin wrote:
> After the thingy with buying the ISA video card blew up in my face, i
> realize that my memory problems are really annoying. So I've decided to get
> new memory and that will "hopefully" solve some of my problems. 
> I have 16 1 MB 30 pin Simms. I want to somehow get them converted to either
> 4 4MB 40pin simms or better. I've heard of places that will resolder the

	You mean 30pins or 72pins right?

> chips onto the proper sized board for a fair price. Anybody know of a place
> that I can get this done?

	This can only be done if you have 4megb chips.  If you tell by
  counting the number of chips per simm.  If you have 8 or 9 chips on
  your simm - then you probably cannot do that since they are 1mb chips X 8
  (or 9 for parity).  Now if you have 2 or 3 chips on each simm, then you can
  probably convert them.

	Another thing you might want to look into is those simm holders that 
  allow you to "piggy-back" lower capacity simms onto one simm.  I've
  never tried it before.  Has anyone here tried it?
> Thanks in advance.
> V
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