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Welcome to the ale mailing list!

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 *** This list is unmoderated, but please remember that well over ***
 ***          200 people are subscribed to this list.             ***

 The ale at cc.gatech.edu mailing list is for discussion of general interest
 to members of the Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts User's Group.  Meeting
 announcements will also be broadcast on this mailing list and on various
 Usenet news groups.

 If you are interested only in meeting announcements and other
 'official' ALE announcements, subscribe to the 'ale-announce' mailing

 For more information about the Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts, see the ALE
 WWW home page:

 The Georgia Tech College of Computing is maintaining a linux mirror FTP
 site at ftp.cc.gatech.edu in /pub/linux.  The same FTP site has a
 directory for ALE related information in /pub/groups/ALE.

 The general Linux mailing lists are served by:

              majordomo at vger.rutgers.edu

 The up-to-the-minute kernel patches are sent on linux-patch and kernel
 discussion is sent on linux-kernel on the vger.rutgers.edu server.

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