Linux communication programs

Vernard C. Martin vernard at
Mon Jan 23 03:11:47 EST 1995

> Currently I am still using my dos communications program (through a 
> modem) and I would like to find a relatively easy to use Linux
> program.  Anyone have any suggestions.  Ftp sites would be helpful also,
> even though it will probably be either sunsite or 
> where it is found :)

There is minicom which comes on the Slackware distributions. I've had
problems with it on the latest version of Slackware (2.1) and have heard
that others have had problems as well. But it used to work beautifully. 

There is also Seyon if you like an Xwindows interface.

And last but not least, there is kermit which is tried and true.

all of these are available on
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