Nomad_ sysrlhx at panther.Gsu.EDU
Fri Jan 20 09:37:26 EST 1995

  Ok... I'm now gettin tired.  I got the new Infomagic Cdrom and after alot
of work I finaly got it installed... Now I go to ConfigXF86 and run it.
When I'm done I run "startx" and it gives me an error about a missing file.
What is wrong?, What am I doing wrong?  Can someone get me the correct file
for the following setup?

	Trident Video Card (2meg vlb card, I use #70 as it's the closest
		match I can find.)
	Generic Monitor (#1)
	Microsoft Mouse
	1200 bps

	and resolution of 1024x768...

again: HELP!!!

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