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David D. Chow chow at
Mon Jan 16 16:18:51 EST 1995

Hey everyone!

I've got from problems forwarding packets still...  I forgot the name
of that person who helped me at the ale meeting.. so I'm posting here...

I have a LAN with a class C domain name.  
One of the node is connected to the internet via PPP.
  that node is running linux using a nameserver via PPP connection and
  it works fine.

What I would like to do is to be able to make that linux box also
  be a name server - so that other computers in this LAN can send
  requests to the same name server (out on the net) via the linux box.

I've already tried all sorts of things... like setting up a named

can someone help?
David Chow
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Georgia, 30332
Internet:gt9351c at, ccastdc at, chow at

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