Michael J. Callahan mikec at
Wed Jan 11 21:10:15 EST 1995

I have only seen one post mentioning an experimental driver for token 
ring, that it was still under development and in the early stages at that, 
but you could ftp it in its current state and give it a try. I may still 
have the msg on my machine at work, will try to see if I can find it for 
you tomorrow. Other than that possibility, I believe token ring support is
non existant at this time. Someone correct me if I am wrong here...

mikec at

On Wed, 11 Jan 1995, Robert L. Harris wrote:

>   I have the new 3disk cdrom set.  I am going to try and install it on 
> a 433 with a token ring card... anyone have any experience with it? How
> Well does it work?  It's pretty important...
> 		Rob

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