SCSI disk problems?

Nick Danger danger at Armstrong.EDU
Thu Jan 12 08:26:56 EST 1995

 I recently picked up a SCSI disk. 400 megs CDC. I formatted it for DOS 
and ran all sorts of test and its fine.
 I booted linux, ran fdisk, and then mke2fs. 
 Now, if I run e2fsck it will say "clean, no check" but if I force one, 
the system will lock-up (only either a power off/on or press the reset 
button). This happened while writing alot of information to the drive 
after I got it formatted. (Why I started with the checking.)

Im running Red Hat Linux. Kernel 1.1.45 (or is it 6). 

 Does anyone know if there is some wild SCSI problem? I would like to use 
this for Linux and not DOS. 


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