January Meeting Outline

Eric Zundel Ayers zundel at cc.gatech.edu
Tue Jan 10 12:06:16 EST 1995


(I'm sending this out to ALE because others might want to get involved 
that don't know about ale-admin yet)

I thought it'd be nice if everyone had a nametag at the door. I'll bring
them in + a marker.  Please let me know if I have signed someone up for
something and you aren't going to be able to do it, or if you want to
volunteer for some part of the meeting.  I'll be MC'ing this meeting and
am offering to MC others as well, but if you want to be the MC for a
meeting, just post to ale-admin.  Vernard has already offered his
services and I know there are other people out there who would enjoy the
presige, honor, and opportunity to talk a lot.


* someone to take minutes of the meeting
* someone to take over humor on a monthly basis
* someone to take over tips on a montly basis

Already committed:
  State of Kernel - Greg Hankins
  Newbie Session - Vernard Martin (after meeting)
  MC - Eric Ayers, Vernard Martin
  Publicity - Jeff Hoepfinger, Mark Warfield liason to AUUG, 
              Mark Waters
  Article for Publication - Gareth Williams
  WWW - several folks
  Main Speaker - Mark Warfield for Feb., others have volunteered.

Criticism, Corrections, Comments, Philosopical Tracts welcome.



January Meeting Outline

*At the door
   ** Everyone can get a nametag at the door (Eric Ayers)
   ** Have copies of the Atlanta META FAQ available 

*Welcome to ALE (Eric Ayers)
    Everyone is a new member of ALE!
      To be a forum for new and experienced Linux users in the Atlanta Area
   **Meeting times and places
      Monthly meetings.  At organizational meeting we decided on place
       and time.  Change in place in time could be considered, as long
       as 1) Time is predictable 2) Place is Central to most members
       3) Going to stay the same for several meetings.  4) Need to know
       2 months  or so in advance for publicity.
   **Mailing Lists (ale at cc & ale-admin at cc)
      How to subscribe.
   **Publicity (Jeff Hopefinger - jeff_ho at jeff_ho.hboc.com)
      Take it away Jeff!
   **Group Organization 
      What we've come up with so far:  All volunteer, no hierarchical
         organization, just people who volunteer for various
         responsibilities.  If several people are interested in the same
         thing, work together.
      Anyone can have input into the organization of the group.  E-mail
         ale-admin at cc.gatech.edu.  (If you don't have e-mail access,
         there are people at the meeting who can help you find out how
         to get it!)
      No $$$ yet.  Talk of corporate sponsors?
      !_Need a Volunteer to keep some minutes_!
   **General Meeting Format
      Go over this outline, explain announcements, switchboard, 
        state of the kernel, humor, tip of month, after meeting activities
      Main topic focus will alternate every other meeting between 
        Newbie and Experienced Users  
        January = newbie,  February = Experienced ...
   **What's in store for this meeting
      Describe Main Topic

*General Announcements 
   **People who are selling stuff at the meeting
   **Groups that want to get together after the meeting (WWW, publicity,
       writing an article, others)
   **Other announcements from the Floor

   ** Hook up people with specific needs with others to discuss after
      the meeting. (i.e. Has anyone gotten an IDE cdrom working?)  Defer
      First time Installation questions to newbie session with Vernard
      after main meeting

*State of the Kernel (Greg Hankins - gregh at cc.gaetch.edu)

*Main Topic  - "Getting Started with Linux"

  ** Introduce speakers (Eric)

  **General Overview (Dan Newcombe - newcombe at aa.csc.peachnet.edu
      What is Linux?

  **Getting Started (Vernard Martin - vernard at cc.gatech.edu)

  **Live Demo  (Greg Hankins - gregh at cc.gatech.edu)
       Depending on what Greg has in mind, he may just introduce the
         demo and let people play with it for after the meeting.
       Or it may be too hard to get it online so we may just nix it!

*Humor   !_no person designated_! 
   Save your Microsoft/Intel comments for now.  Let's don't pollute
     the main meeting with them!

*Tip of the month !_no person designated_!
   Something really neato.  How to install X w/ less than 1MB or
     something (ha ha)

*General Adjournment

*Activities After the Main Meeting

   ** Vernard will hold a session for new users of linux, people
      trying to get set up or who are having first time installation

   ** Various working groups (WWW, publicity, anyone others who 
       want to have a working group) get together

   ** Chitchat Time

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